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Karel Kryl
Libri Prohibiti

Hi, I am a cowboy. And who are you? STARMAN BOHEMIA spol. s r.o.

reliable source for foreign literature

  • From 1991 import foreign literature in Czech and Slovak Republic.
  • Delivery time of non-stock books in 1-4 weeks.
  • Next business day after request exact price and delivery time.
  • Orders are invoiced in 24 hours.
  • Order form over the Internet.
  • Two thousand math, computer, electronic and medical books in stock.
  • Check on the Internet for status of the order, lookup history, credit memos, and print invoices.
  • A special offer for retail stores.
  • Express delivery service.
  • Proforma invoices per request..
  • For customers in Slovakia invoices in SKK and bank transfer to bank in Bratislava.

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